Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Where does Premier Kids Care get my child's growth hormone?

PKC obtains all of the growth hormone medications directly from the manufacturer. In doing so we can ensure that you are receiving the high-quality medication that has been prescribed by your physician.

2.) Will Premier Kids Care ship my growth hormone to me automatically?

PKC will not deliver your medication to you without notifying you ahead of time. This notification will be in multiple formats so that you can plan ahead and also be reminded of the arrival of your/your child's medication. If for any reason the receipt date needs to be adjusted due to your schedule, there is ample time to notify us and make the appropriate changes.

3.) Who provides my supplies?

Premier Kids Care can supply you with mixing syringes, injection syringes, pen needles, alcohol preps, and in some cases pen devices. Many of these items can also be obtained at your local pharmacy as well, but often require a prescription. Please contact our office a 1-888-892-9001 for additional information.

4.) Who do I call if my Genotropin pen malfunctions?

Contact the Pfizer Bridge program directly at 1-800-645-1280.

5.) Who do I call if my Nutropin AQ pen malfunctions?

Contact Premier Kids Care directly at 1-888-892-9001.

6.) Who do I call if my Humatrope pen malfunctions?

Contact the Premier Kids Care directly at 1-888-892-9001.

7.) Who do I call if my Nordipen malfunctions?

Contact Nordistart directly at 1-888-668-6444.

8.) Who do I call if my Cool Click(c), Easy Pod(c) or Click Easy(c) malfunctions?

Contact Serono directly at 1-800-582-7989.

9.) Who should I call to reorder Cool Click(c), Easy Pod(c) or Click Easy(c) supplies?

Contact Serono directly at 1-800-589-7989.

10.) What should I do if I forget to refrigerate my medication?

Your medication should be refrigerated as soon as you receive your package. If you forget, it should be refrigerated as soon as you remember. If you have concerns about use of medication that has not been refrigerated for a period longer than what is recommended by the manufacturer, please contact Premier Kids Care at 1-888-892-9001 and speak with a nurse or a pharmacist. Remember, NEVER freeze your medication. It should be stored in the front section of your refrigerator.

11.) What should I do if my medication appears cloudy?

If at any time you feel that there may be a problem with your medication, including cloudiness, contact Premier Kids Care immediately at 1-888-892-9001 and speak with the nurse or pharmacist. They will advise you how to proceed.

12.) Is there any way to reach Premier Kids Care staff after hours?

Premier Kids Care has a pharmacist, nurse and customer service representative available after hours, on weekends and on holidays. This staff is available to assist you with problems that cannot wait until the next business day. They may be reached directly at 1-877-589-3655.

13.) What should I do if I think my child is having an allergic reaction to the growth hormone?

Please contact the prescribing physician.

14.) How do I place a reorder for my growth hormone?

Once you or your child are started on therapy you are assigned to a Patient Care Coordinator who will be your contact going forward. You should receive an introductory phone call from your PCC within 2 weeks after your first delivery is received. You may contact this representative directly at 1-888-892-9001 for your refills. You may also utilize the "Refill RX" link on our website.

15.) Who is responsible for providing Premier Kids Care with a new prescription?

The ordering physician will typically fax a current prescription to our pharmacy after you've seen him/her for a follow up visit. Premier Kids Care cannot dispense medication to you without a valid prescription. In some states it is also necessary for us to have prescriptions for supplies as well.

16.) What should I do if my insurance or Medicaid coverage changes or I am aware of an impending change?

If you are aware of a change in your insurance or Medicaid coverage, you should contact Premier Kids Care immediately. Our staff will verify your new benefits to determine if the GH is still covered under the new policy and will work with your prescribing physician to obtain prior authorization if one is necessary. If at any time you have any questions regarding coverage, contact our office directly at 1-888-892-9001 and speak to your Patient Care Coordinator.

17.) My child is in boarding school or goes to camp during the summer. Can you deliver his/her medication to a location other than our home?

Yes, it could be delivered. Please notify your Patient Care Coordinator in advance if possible and make arrangements with them. They will make you aware of any special requirements.

18.) How long will my child be on therapy?

The point at which the growth plate or epiphysis closes is a good indicator of how long your child will take the growth hormone, but ultimately is a decision made by you and your prescribing physician.

19.) What happens if my child misses a dose of growth hormone?

Optimal results may only be achieved if the medication is taken following the orders of the prescribing physician. If you are concerned about having missed a dose, contact your physician or Premier Kids Care at 1-888-892-9001 and speak to the pharmacist or nurse.

20.) I am going out of town and will by flying. How should I pack my growth hormone?

Supplies may be packed in your luggage and checked if necessary, but the medication itself should be packed in a carry on cooler. A small insulated bag with ice packs is typically acceptable for maintaining the proper temperature. Premier Kids Care can provide you with a copy of your prescription. Given current security levels it is best to be prepared to provide this documentation.

21.) Should my child by taught to give his or her own injections?

Your child should be taught the proper way to administer growth hormone if you feel that they are ready to do so. Most patients, if age appropriate, like to be included in the process. In some cases, it is easier for the child to administer the medication themselves rather than have a parent or caregiver do it for them.

22.) How long does it take to see results from therapy?

Each patient's response varies, but typically the results can be seen in the feet and hands within 3-6 months. The best way to establish growth is to visit your Pediatric Endocrinologist regularly where your child's height and weight will be measured.

23.) How often do I have to see my Endocrinologist for follow up visits?

Many physicians require that their patients follow up with them every 3-4 months. Your follow up schedule will be determined by your physician.

24.) How do I pay my co-pay?

Premier Kids Care will mail a statement for your co-pay at the beginning of each month. We accept checks, money orders, and credit cards. We will be happy to set your account to an auto pay upon request. If you would like to make a payment over the phone, contact us at 1-888-892-9001. There is no charge for phone payments.

25.) How much medication can I have at once?

The amount of medication you can be provided in one fill is determined by several factors; the amount of medication prescribed by your physician and the limitations set forth in your insurance policy or by the state, in the case of Medicaid recipients. We are required to follow the guidelines put in place by the payor.

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